40FT Deep Freezer With Generator -76°F TO 30°F (460V/230V 3P)

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The 40ft dual-redundant deep freezer container can retain ambient temperatures of up to 122°F (50°C) and a temperature range of -76°F to 30°F. A twin freezer system with independent controls is included in the freezer container. In the event of a system failure, each system serves as a backup. This function offers an important security solution for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

The dual redundant deep freezer shipping container is built to keep temperatures stable while automatically defrosting each freezer system. The freezer container runs on 460V 3φ 32A (230V 3φ 50A with optional transformer) and has a 52-gallon fuel tank that supplies ~48 hours of power at full load. The freezer container is intended for long-term storage of frozen goods, but it can also be used as a backup unit on-site. During transportation, the freezer is powered by a built-in diesel generator. An evaporator fan for high-pressure drops and an integrated power supply for optional container lights are included in the freezer container.

With our custom fabrication alternatives, you may customize the 40ft dual-redundant deep freezer container with generator to match your needs. The 40ft dual-redundant deep freezer container with a generator is available for nationwide delivery.

Delivery Information

This 40ft freezer container will be delivered using only one option:

40ft Truck and trailer
This truck and trailer can transport one 40ft freezer container. For drop-off, you’ll need a 100ft straight line.